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Redemption Project 2019 Highlights

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Newsletter Updates

Greetings from Jordan and Kacy Cunnington! We are thankful to God for a fruitful year of ministry. We are extremely grateful to all the people and churches who’ve supported us in relationship and in fellowship throughout 2019. We’re delighted to further our relationships with every one of you. There have been unique challenges and unique victories. This past year has been full of difficult challenges and enormous breakthroughs in our personal lives and in ministry. We’ve seen many miracles in the form of finances and healing. God has proven to be faithful, as always, in every area of our lives. “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” (Heb. 10:23)

We’re expectant of greater things for 2020. We’re hopeful for significant spiritual growth. We’re expecting a tremendous outpouring of God’s Spirit. We pray for many more souls to enter God’s Kingdom. We believe 2020 will be a year for “No looking back and no holding back.”

A Brief Overview of 2019:

- Served at 35 churches

- Traveled 17,407 driving miles

- Ministry in eight states (Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, Mississippi, and Missouri)

- Conservatively 100 Salvations

- Breaking out into the nations. Ministry in Baguio City, Philippines

- Deliverances, Physical Healings, Holy Spirit Baptisms, and Discipleship

Undoubtedly, 2019 has been a year of favor and increase. During our first year of ministry, starting at the end of 2017. We had the opportunity to lead 15 people to Christ. This year we have seen an increase in salvations. We passionately believe God for souls to enter His Kingdom. Humbly, this year alone, we have witnessed at least 100 people commit their lives to Christ. This is just the beginning of a massive Harvest season, and we’re honored to be a part of what God has in store during these last days.

First Fruits Nation

Back in May, we were invited to help minister at a large conference in Toronto, Canada. We were excited for the opportunity to minister outside of the U.S. for the first time. We spent months planning and praying into the opportunity. Finally, the time arrived for us to drive to the conference and to our surprise; we were considered inadmissible at the border and unable to enter Canada. At the time, we didn’t understand why the door shut, at last, moment. Nevertheless, God had bigger plans in mind. Fast-forward to October and a “suddenly” took place. God began speaking to us about going to the Philippines with a team of five-fold ministers. We knew that the ministry trip was only a month and a half away when God was telling us to “GO.” Now, it’s clear that God didn’t want Canada to be our first fruits nation. God wanted our first fruits nation to be the Philippines. We give thanks and praise to God, as all of the funds needed to be able to minister in the Philippines came in two days before flying out. Our first international trip was from November 20th-December 2nd.

Looking back, ministering in the Philippines was greater than what we hoped for. Not only were the people impacted by the thick presence of God. We were significantly impacted by the Filipino’s immense hunger, passion, and servanthood as believers. Each service intensified with hunger and anticipation. God arrived and worked miracles in people’s lives. In some ways what was experienced is indescribable. Yet, what was experienced left us wanting more of God! Fill us up God!

Highlights from the Philippines:

- Five-fold ministry team ministered at least 12 times in 7 days

- Including all five-fold ministers. At least 200 people prayed for salvation

- 90 Churches and Pastors ministered to during the Elevate Conference

- Healings, deliverances, Holy Spirit baptisms

- Intense hunger and God’s Spirit being poured out

- Thick Presence and Outpouring culture being established at Glorious Church in Baguio City, Philippines

Thank you to those who prayed for us and donated towards this mission trip! Without your prayers and financial support this wouldn’t have been possible.

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If God leads you to be a financial supporter of Redemption Project Ministries, you can donate on our website or by mail. We are a nonprofit, 501c3 organization.

Mission Trip Planning for 2020:

We are still planning a six-week mission trip to Northern Africa to reach Muslims for Christ! Currently, we have 60 percent of our funds raised. We have until May to raise the rest of the funds. Feel free to join Redemption Project Missions on Facebook to keep up with all of our mission trip updates.

Revive I-95 and West Coast Ministry:

There’s a possibility for an expansion of borders. God has revealed the need for a fresh outpouring of his Spirit on the eastern coast. He has provided direction to specifically pray for interstate 95. This particular interstate goes along the entire east coast of the United States. We have already made initial relationships with pastors near NYC and Philadelphia. Be in prayer with us for bases on the East Coast. This will aid in establishing relationships with Pastors and provide more opportunities for extended missions on the eastern coast.

Furthermore, we have a home-base in Pahrump, Nevada, which will enable opportunities on the western coast. Please be in prayer for open doors.


Jordan and Kacy Cunnington

PH: 812-593-8918

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