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Welcome to Our First Newsletter!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Spiritual and Geographical Strides

God has been doing very exciting things here at Redemption Project Ministries. We have been witnessing the Holy Spirit moving powerfully and uniquely in every church we've been privileged to minister at. There has been an expansion of borders both geographically and spiritually. From March to July we've ministered in four states, including: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Since March, there have been at least 47 salvations that have taken place over the span of four months. We are rejoicing in Christ for the miracle of salvation taking place! Not only have we been experiencing the miracle of salvations, there have been Holy Spirit Baptisms, deliverances, and healings.

Healing Encounters

In February, God was moving mightily during a service in Hardinsburg, Indiana. Everyone was touched by God's presence as intercessors lined up at the altar to pray for people. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement. Furthermore, the fire of God was evident as we joined together in praying for those who needed deliverance and healing. Prophetic words flowed, and deliverances took place during this powerful time. Towards the end of the service when the crowd started dwindling, one man requested prayer for his wife before leaving. This woman had joint issues and had difficulty primarily with her back and knees, this required her to walk with a cane. She came into the service with her back bent over. During prayer we had the woman activate her faith and test out her body; by moving the parts of her body that had pain. During this activation of faith, she began to stand straight once again. She was able to bend her knees without pain and raise her arms up completely. By the end of the service, she no longer needed the cane to help her walk. Our God is a miracle-working God! 

Our First International Mission Trip

That's right! Our hearts are to serve Christ in whatever capacity we can. We are planning our first international mission trip to the Northern Africa in 2020. We will be helping church planting teams in Northern Africa, reach Muslims with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The nation we'll be reaching is 90 percent Muslim and is considered a sensitive country. Since, it's a sensitive country we won't be doing open-air crusades, but rather we will be doing one-on-one evangelism through building relationships with Muslims and witnessing to them while teaching English as a second language at a language center the Assemblies of God operates. For more specific updates and information on where we will be serving join our "Redemption Project Missions" group on our Facebook page.

2019 Bookings

We still have plenty of open dates available from August to December of 2019. If interested in having Jordan and Kacy serve your congregation, please contact us at 812-593-8918 or send us a message on our Facebook Page named Redemption Project Ministries.

Prayer Requests

- Direction for the second-half of the year and for ministry opportunities to open up on the East Coast of the United States. - Help us go further: prayerfully consider becoming monthly financial partners to help us do the work of God throughout the United States and Internationally.

Is it Safe and Easy to Donate? 

Yes it is! Donations are easier and safer than ever with online donations. You can donate to our ministry one time or monthly with PayPal. Redemption Project Inc is a 501c3, non-profit organization and we will mail you a receipt for your records. You can specify how you want the funds used when you, "add special instructions to the seller." You can also give a one-time gift towards our Northern Africa Mission Trip through the Assemblies of God. Our Assemblies of God World Missions number to donate is 2A24664. Then specify the missionary you're donating to is Jordan Cunnington. All donations are appreciated and will be used with the integrity to reach people for Christ.

Donate through Paypal:

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