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What Have We Been Up To? June 2022

Almost every week Jordan and Kacy have been traveling on the road preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 2022 has been filled with strategic God assignments in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Florida. From beach evangelism to Teenagers experiencing the fire of God. We've seen a total of 65 people give their lives to Christ during the first part of the year. There's been an extended reach on social media as well. Over 100,000 people have been reached with testimonies of the power of God on TikTok. Our focus has been on physical assignments and physical locations throughout the United States/the nations of the Earth. As we've been on the field in various states; there's been an increase of Hunger for more of God among people everywhere!

Women's Events

Kacy has been given multiple opportunities to speak at women's events in 2022.

South Florida 4 Jesus

Jordan and Kacy connected with ministers and new friends in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The goal is to join America 4 Jesus in winning lost souls in the Miami, Florida region. There were reports of people open to prayer on the beaches of South Florida. One evangelist reported a young man sobering up and getting delivered from drugs on the beach during spring break!

God's Healing Hand

A College student said he experienced the presence of God for his first time when attending one of our services a few years back. He decided to return to some revival services to be touched by the hand of God.

He had been in a car wreck that caused him to be in constant pain. During prayer God healed him and the pain was non-existent. Jesus is our healer!

During an Easter outreach several unchurched children and parents attended and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Around 35 children raised their hands to receive Jesus, as their Savior and many of the adults were impacted greatly by the message before doing an Easter egg hunt.

During our travels there's been several people getting filled with the Holy Spirit and receiving demonic deliverances. Jesus is setting people free and igniting people with His Holy Ghost fire!

Jordan and Kacy are thrilled to announce their pregnancy. Baby Cunnington is expected to arrive October 4th, 2022!


Open Dates:

09/11/22 (Jordan & Kacy Open)

11/13/22 (Jordan)

11/20/22 (Jordan)

12/18/22: (Jordan & Kacy Open)

We are already scheduling for 2023! If the Holy Spirit leads you to have us. Reach out as soon as possible. We are grateful for your support.

God Bless!

Upcoming Missions

Jordan and Kacy will be ministering in:

Pzardzhik, Bulgaria: July 6th-13th, 2022

NorthPole, Alaska: July 16th-23rd, 2022

We still have a fundraising goal of $1,500 for the Bulgaria mission trip. If the Lord leads you to sow a seed. You can give a one-time gift @ or by mail. We are a 501(c)3 organization. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Check us out at:

Facebook: Redemption Project Ministries

Instagram: Redemption Project Ministries

TikTok: Jordanandkacycunnington

YouTube: Jordanandkacycunnington

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