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Jesus Wept

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Ministry Updates from Jordan and Kacy Cunnington

The shortest verse in scripture, “Jesus Wept” (Jn. 11:35) is both powerful and moving. It reminds us all that Jesus was human just like the rest of us. Jesus was traveling back to Judea to resurrect his friend, Lazarus from the dead. There were a few reasons Jesus waited four days after the death of Lazarus to “finally” show up and work the miracle. This had to be done in order for people in the region to believe that Jesus indeed was the sent Messiah (Jn. 11:15,42) the resurrection and the life (Jn. 11:25) and so that the glory of God would be on display for all to see (Jn. 11:40). If Jesus knew Lazarus was to raise from the dead at the response of his words… Why did he weep? It says, “When Jesus saw her (Mary) weeping, and the Jews who had come along with her also weeping, he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled (Jn. 11:33). I believe Jesus may have been troubled by their unbelief. However, their weeping deeply moved Jesus with divine compassion and relentless love. He shared in their grief and suffering. Their hearts more than anything else longed for a beloved brother and friend to live again.

This stirs my heart with intensity. When was the last time we deeply moved God with our tears? Recently, everything has been stopped in motion. Leaving us in our living rooms to reflect and seek the heart of the Father. I’ve noticed a change God is doing in both the hearts of Jordan and myself. We’ve prayed dangerous prayers. “Let us look through the lenses of Jesus” “Change our desires to fit your desires.” Like a light switch, tears have started flowing from our eyes for the sick, lost, and broken. We have never felt so moved with compassion for our next-door neighbors and people suffering with disease. More than ever we desire to see people meet with Jesus just as we’ve met with him. It’s time to pray that our hearts will match the heart of the Father.

It’s Time for Increase!

Last year was the beginning of our faith being stretched. In my heart I thought, “is it possible for us to see at least 50 people come to Jesus this year?” I never spoke it out, but God responded softly to me “Ask of me and it will be done.” Within a few short months we saw 50 people respond to salvation. This widened my faith. Then God challenge me and said, “Ask for 100 salvations and it will be done.”

This time I shared with Jordan how God wanted us to ask him for a total of 100 salvations by the end of the year. We prayed that this would come to pass and by the end of the year we saw exactly 100 people get saved. Recently, God has challenged us and has said our goal is to win 1000 people for Christ this year. We have strong faith knowing that God will enable us to reach people unlike ever before. Be in prayer with us to win 1000 souls for Christ in the start of this harvest season. It’s not about numbers, but it is all about obeying God and making him known.

Church-School Partnership

This year Jordan had the opportunity to share his testimony in a public Highschool and tell students that Jesus saved his life. We only wished the students had an opportunity to respond. Many of the Youth had tears swelling in their eyes ready for change. Our vision is to partner with Churches and advertise for students to come back in the evening to your church or school auditorium to hear the full story. This would allow them an opportunity to respond to the Gospel. We want to partner with churches to make sure new converts can get plugged into the right place for discipleship and growth. Please let us know if you have connections with the school system in your community for us to come in and share. We’ve already had positive reports from South Vermillion Highschool. Even teachers and counselors were impacted.

Mission Trip Update

This past week we received an email from our Northern Africa mission team that the six-week mission trip to Egypt has been officially cancelled due to COVID-19. Thank you for your prayers and support. We know God is in control and we have great expectation that God will open up greater doors of opportunity in the future.

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Jordan and Kacy Cunnington

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